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    Spotlight Speakers
    Nariman Behravesh Chief Economist, IHS Markit
    ["Spotlight Speakers"]["Nariman Behravesh"]["Chief Economist IHS Markit"]
    Nick Vafiadis Vice President, Plastics, IHS Markit
    ["Spotlight Speakers"]["Nick Vafiadis"]["Vice President, Plastics IHS Markit"]
    Perc Pineda Chief Economist, Plastics Industry Association
    ["Spotlight Speakers"]["Perc Pineda"]["Chief Economist Plastics Industry Association"]
    Tony Radoszewski President & Chief Executive Officer, Plastics Industry Association
    ["Spotlight Speakers"]["Tony Radoszewski"]["President & Chief Executive Officer Plastics Industry Association"]
    Lyn Tattum Vice President, Oil, Mid-Downstream and Chemical, IHS Markit
    ["Spotlight Speakers"]["Lyn Tattum"]["Vice President, Oil, Mid-Downstream and Chemical IHS Markit"]
    Industry Experts
    Robin Waters Director, Plastics Planning and Analysis, IHS Markit
    ["Industry Experts"]["Robin Waters"]["Director, Plastics Planning and Analysis IHS Markit"]
    Tison Keel Executive Director, PET, PTA & EO Derivatives, IHS Markit
    ["Industry Experts"]["Tison Keel"]["Executive Director, PET, PTA & EO Derivatives IHS Markit"]
    Joel Morales Executive Director, Polyolefins Americas, IHS Markit
    ["Industry Experts"]["Joel Morales"]["Executive Director, Polyolefins Americas IHS Markit"]
    Brendan Dooley Global Director, Engineering Plastics, IHS Markit
    ["Industry Experts"]["Brendan Dooley"]["Global Director, Engineering Plastics IHS Markit"]
    Ana Lopez Director, Chlor-alkali and Vinyls Americas, IHS Markit
    ["Industry Experts"]["Ana Lopez"]["Director, Chlor-alkali and Vinyls Americas IHS Markit"]
    Preeti Sriram Associate Director, Engineering Resins, IHS Markit
    ["Industry Experts"]["Preeti Sriram"]["Associate Director, Engineering Resins IHS Markit"]
    Clark Brumbaugh Executive Director, Chemicals Consulting, IHS Markit
    ["Industry Experts"]["Clark Brumbaugh"]["Executive Director, Chemicals Consulting IHS Markit"]
    Peter Feng Senior Director, Global BTX, Aromatics, IHS Markit
    ["Industry Experts"]["Peter Feng"]["Senior Director, Global BTX, Aromatics IHS Markit"]