• Todd Becker
    Director of Sales - Polyethylene Business, NOVA Chemicals Corporation
    [Todd Becker][Director of Sales - Polyethylene Business][NOVA Chemicals Corporation][Keynote Speaker]
  • Nariman Behravesh
    Chief Economist, IHS Markit
    [Nariman Behravesh][Chief Economist][IHS Markit][Keynote Speaker]
  • Paul Blanchard
    Senior Director, Engineering Plastics, IHS Markit
    [Paul Blanchard][Senior Director, Engineering Plastics][IHS Markit][Industry Expert]
  • Kathy Bolhous
    CEO, Charter NEX Films
    [Kathy Bolhous][CEO][Charter NEX Films][Keynote Speaker]
  • Bill Carteaux
    President, PLASTICS
    [Bill Carteaux][President][PLASTICS][Keynote Speaker]
  • Diego Donoso
    Business President, Packaging & Specialty Plastics, Dow Chemical
    [Diego Donoso][Business President, Packaging & Specialty Plastics][Dow Chemical][Keynote Speaker]
  • Brendan Dooley
    Director Engineering Plastics - North America, IHS Markit
    [Brendan Dooley][Director Engineering Plastics - North America][IHS Markit][Industry Expert]
  • Mark Eramo
    Vice President, Global Chemical Business Development, IHS Markit
    [Mark Eramo][Vice President, Global Chemical Business Development][IHS Markit][Keynote Speaker]
  • Kailin Fu
    Senior Analyst II, Polyolefins and Engineering Resins, IHS Markit
    [Kailin Fu][Senior Analyst II, Polyolefins and Engineering Resins][IHS Markit][Industry Expert]
  • Dr. Jeannette Garcia
    Research Staff Member at IBM Research, IBM
    [Dr. Jeannette Garcia][Research Staff Member at IBM Research][IBM][Industry Expert]
  • Ron Johnson
    U.S. Senator, Wisconsin
    [Ron Johnson][U.S. Senator][Wisconsin][Keynote Speaker]
  • Tison Keel
    Director, PET, PTA & EO Derivatives, IHS Markit
    [Tison Keel][Director, PET, PTA & EO Derivatives][IHS Markit][Industry Expert]
  • Patty Long
    Executive Vice President, PLASTICS
    [Patty Long][Executive Vice President][PLASTICS][Industry Expert]
  • John R. McGuire
    CFA, BP Energy Co.
    [John R. McGuire][CFA][BP Energy Co.][Industry Expert]
  • Joel Morales
    Director, Polyolefins Americas, IHS Markit
    [Joel Morales][Director, Polyolefins Americas][IHS Markit][Industry Expert]
  • Javier Ortiz
    Principal Analyst, IHS Markit
    [Javier Ortiz][Principal Analyst][IHS Markit][Industry Expert]
  • Anthony Palmer
    Vice President, Consulting, IHS Markit
    [Anthony Palmer][Vice President, Consulting][IHS Markit][Industry Expert]
  • Perc Pineda
    Chief Economist, Plastics Industry Association
    [Perc Pineda][Chief Economist][Plastics Industry Association][Industry Expert]
  • Rina Quijada
    Senior Director, Latin America, IHS Markit
    [Rina Quijada][Senior Director, Latin America][IHS Markit][Industry Expert]
  • Priya Ravindranath
    Principal Analyst, IHS Markit
    [Priya Ravindranath][Principal Analyst][IHS Markit][Industry Expert]
  • Lyn Tattum
    Vice President, IHS Markit
    [Lyn Tattum][Vice President][IHS Markit][Industry Expert]
  • Nick Vafiadis
    Vice President, Global Polyolefins and Plastics, IHS Markit
    [Nick Vafiadis][Vice President, Global Polyolefins and Plastics][IHS Markit][Industry Expert]
  • Robin Waters
    Director, Plastics Planning and Analysis, IHS Markit
    [Robin Waters][Director, Plastics Planning and Analysis][IHS Markit][Industry Expert]
  • Dave Witte
    Senior Vice President and General Manager Oil Markets, Mid-Downstream and Chemicals, IHS Markit
    [Dave Witte][Senior Vice President and General Manager Oil Markets, Mid-Downstream and Chemicals][IHS Markit][Keynote Speaker]
  • Xiaobo Yin
    Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Boulder
    [Xiaobo Yin][Assistant Professor][University of Colorado Boulder][Industry Expert]