Alper Kiziltas


Technical Expert

Dr. Kiziltas’s research is focused on sustainability and emerging materials such as nanomaterials, polymeric and soft materials, biomaterials, glassy and amorphous materials, self-healing materials and bio-inspired and patterned functional materials. During his 7 years with the company, Alper has led research projects in a variety of polymer-based applications, including advanced and sustainable composites and polyurethane foams. His technical work on developing sustainable and advanced materials such as 1) graphene nanoplatelets (GNP) reinforced polyurethane foams (the first automotive OEM to introduce GNP enhanced products for high-performance applications at large volumes), 2) cellulose based hybrid composites (largest sustainable injection molded part in vehicles today), 3) 100% PCR from carpet recycle process-based PP 4) rice husks filled PP and 5) biocarbon from coffee chaff (safety critical, industry first and sustainable exterior parts) led to implementation on NVH foams (12 different applications), console substrate, carbon canister (cross carline release), fan & shroud, head lamp housing, body harness and wiring channels (5 different applications) for Ford vehicles built within North America and Europe.

Sessions With Alper Kiziltas

Wednesday, 27 October