Hamdy Khalil

Woodbridge Group

Global Director, R&D and Product Development

Dr. Hamdy Khalil is Global Director for R&D and Product Development at Woodbridge the largest manufacturer of Flexible Moulded Polyurethane foam for the Global Automotive Industry.

Dr. Khalil has pioneered the introduction and commercialization of renewable materials into The Polyurethane Chemistry used in the Interior Automotive Parts Manufacturing which is now the bench mark for the industry.

He chaired many international Polyurethane Conferences in North America and Around the World. Dr. Khalil was appointed to the University Of Guelph as Adjunct Professor for three years. He is a member of the Board Of Directors of The Ontario BioAutoCouncil and the Center for Research in the Bio Economy (CRIBE), on the NRC steering Committee for Bio-Products Developments and the Scientific advisory Committee of the Business lead “ArboraNano”.

Dr. Khalil participated as an invited speaker in many conferences and Workshops in Japan, North America, and Malaysia,Brazil and China.He introduced and published groundbreaking chemistries in the following areas: Reformatsky reaction to synthesize Vitamin A analogues,Wittig Reaction in the Synthesis of Polyene, Phase transfer catalysis for the synthesis of hitherto known Sulfur and Oxygen Heterocyclic five and six member Compounds useful in Pheromones and Pharmaceuticals syntheses.

Dr. Khalil has coauthored patents in the areas of; Polyurethane Structural sealants for Automotive Windshield Fastening,High Impact Polystyrene light stability, Latex Anti-microbial growth additives, and Bio-Polyol in Automotive Parts Manufacturing.

Dr. Khalil’s First Passion is the mentoring and the customized development of young scientists and technical personnel.

Sessions With Hamdy Khalil

Wednesday, 27 October