Michael Cirone

Manar, Inc.


Michael Cirone has served as President of MANAR, Inc. since March 2014. MANAR, Inc is an injection molding and contract manufacturing company. Mr. Cirone is a high energy, creative, calculating risk taker, and a very successful commercial executive. He brings over 20 years of experience to share within the plastics industry and worked for Fortune 100 companies such as GE & Honeywell and others within the plastics industry.

During his esteemed career, Michael has developed new strategies and products for business to business, and business to consumer to markets. His high-level strategic thinking and problem-solving skills bring a unique talent to the MANAR, Inc. leadership team.

These skills, along with his ability to execute quickly, made an immediate impact on revenue and income. Additionally, Michael expanded the customer and market diversity collaborating with professionals from his network and past relationships with key OEM’s in Automotive, Transportation, Powersports, Medical and Industrial markets.

He has served on the Board of Plastics Industry for two years and has been a member for 5 years and is currently the chairperson of the Processors Committee and the TIP (Transportation and Industrial Plastics) Committee. The TIP Committee has been driving an end of life bumper reclamation and recycling program for the last four years with the help of OEM’s, and a few reclamation & recycling companies.

Sessions With Michael Cirone

Wednesday, 27 October